YRPA and Parks

Explore parks along the Yellowstone River near Billings Montana.

The Yellowstone River Parks association has a long history of cooperation with the various local and Federal land management agencies along the Yellowstone River Valley. ¬†Earl Guss and Two Moon Parks are Yellowstone County property. Four Dances is a Bureau of Land Management natural area. Riverfront, Big Sky, Mystic, Norm Schoenthal Island, and Coulson are Billings City parks. YRPA owns the majority of the land in The Audubon Conservation Education Center and is acquiring land to expand John H. Dover Memorial Park, YRPA has also recently acquired Joel’s Pond on Shiloh Road. ¬†YRPA’s mission promotes the use of these parks, river access, and trail development within and between parks along Dutcher Trail.